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Fresh From the Cuban Roller's Table Email Special

Every day hundreds of avid aficionados walk into Cuban Crafters' Miami Factory to get freshly handmade Rerolls and Medina 1959 Miami Edition super-premiums. It's the only place in the world where you can get them fresh from the Cuban roller's table. These exclusive handmades are considered the best in the USA and many compare them to pre-Castro Cubans.

This email brings you the Churchill Rerolls for about 86 cents each when you get 2 or more bundles. Rerolls are hand made from the Medina 1959 Miami Editions that don't meet the rigorous high standards set by Manuel Medina and with the boquilla cuttings from their regular production. They're unrolled and then rerolled, Cuban-sandwich style, using a Cuban-seed Habano binder and a Habano 2000 wrapper. Their taste is medium to full body with toasted nuts, earthy mild spices, a tad of salt and creamy floral tones. You'll get them fresh from the Cuban roller's table in Miami. A bundle of 25 is $26.99 and 50 are just $47.99.

Medina 1959 is handmade by the most decorated Cuban rollers in Miami, Florida. All are skilled Masters and while in Cuba made some of the world's finest. Medina 1959s are mild to medium-bodied and filled with delightful tastes of toasted nuts, mild spices and smooth waves of butterscotch with sweet malt cream. They coat your mouth with exhilarating complex flavors that will keep you hoping it never ends. The most popular sizes are included in this email. Shipping is just 50 cents each and if your order is $100 or more shipping is gratis. Prices are good through Thursday, September 25th.

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