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Launch the Torpedos Email Special

The Torpedo is considered the premier size. It's a difficult shape to make and rollers practice for years before they can master the task. Torpedos funnel the flavors and continually increase the taste as you puff it. This email brings you top Torpedos and more!

20 handmade Maduro Coronitas are just $19.99. They're 5 inches with a 42 ring gauge and have a mild to medium slightly sweet taste with notes of almonds, cedar, licorice and coffee. Another steal is a box of 25 mild La Caya Vintage Churchills for only $28.99. You'll relax to mild cedar, toasted nuts and nutmeg. And yet another is the new Medina 1959 Miami Edition Churchill 5-tube sampler for $29.99. You get 5 ultra-premium Miami handmade Medina 1959 Churchills in individual cedar lined tubes. Experience their mild to medium bodied taste filled with delightful toasted nuts, mild spices, and butterscotch with sweet malt cream.

Now for the Torps. Eden Perfecto Torpedo is a flavor powerhouse. A box of 25 is only $44.99, the cheapest ever. It has a rich complex taste with sweet cream, nuts, cedar, coffee, Oak and nutmeg. OneOff Gran Torpedo Doble Capa has 2 different wrappers, and a box is a mere $49.99. It starts mild with smooth tastes of coffee, cream, cedar and nutmeg. It then transforms to earthy notes of cocoa, vanilla and cream.

The opulent La Caya Fuerte Torpedo is strong and just $49.99 a box. It's powerful with a leathery core, a peppery blast and a nice earthy finish. An exquisite medium to full-body is the Don Quijote Torpedo. Its taste earned it a cult-like following. Loaded with complex flavors, it has an earthy and delicate spiciness, with a creamy and toasty nutty character and light notes of cedar, cocoa and caramel.

Berger & Argenti Entubar Torpedo is an ultra-premium that's exotic and unique. Sold-out throughout the country, this email brings you a box for only $119.99. Full-body and smooth, it's creamy, toasty, earthy and nutty with sweet spice flavors mixed in. Prices are good through Friday, September 12th. SALE EXTENDED UNTIL MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th.

Cuban Crafters does not sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 19.