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Halloween Email Special

No tricks, just treats for Halloween. This email has so many handmade Habano deals that you'll have more fun than in a haunted house.

25 premium Cuban-seed Habano Torpedos are a mere $29.99. Now that's spooky. You'll enjoy their medium-bodied taste that includes mild spices, licorice, raw cocoa and chocolate. The ghosts made us include 25 Don Kiki Liga Especial Habano Doble for only $49.99. Medium to full body, it has earthy notes of sweet cream, ginger, woods and cocoa.

A box of 25 La Caya Vintage 1997 Series mild Churchill and medium-bodied Maduro Torpedo is just $26.99. That can only be the work of a Goblin. The Churchill has a smooth taste that includes cedar, toasted nuts and a little nutmeg. The Torpedo is smooth and slightly sweet with toasted nuts, mild cedar, anisette, licorice and a tad of raw cocoa and coffee.

For the adventuresome, a box of 20 420s Legit Edition Double is only $29.99, the lowest ever! It has notes of coffee, mocha, woods, anisette and chocolate. Beck Gran Cameroon Ranchero Torpedo is extremely aged and has an opulent and complex creamy taste that is buttery with hints of nutmeg, mild spices and oak. Cubano Claro Toro is another well-aged ultra-premium. Its taste is sophisticated with smooth and creamy notes of sweet spices, toasted nuts, coffee, nutmeg, butter and white chocolate. A box is $69.99, the lowest in history.

Berger & Argenti Entubar Torpedo is a full-bodied, super-premium that's earned top awards and ratings. It's smooth with a very well balanced taste that's creamy, toasty, earthy and nutty with some sweet spice mixed in. A box is $109.99, over 50% off. It's a howling good deal. Cuban Crafters wishes you a happy and safe Halloween. Prices are good through Thursday October 30th.

Cuban Crafters does not sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 19.