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Valentine’s Day Samplers Email Special Sale

Are you a lover of the leaf who enjoys amazing deals? Besides getting an additional 20.15% off most Cuban Crafters accessories and all Medina 1959's by entering “2015” in the Coupons box, a bundle of 20 premium sun-grown Torpedos is just $28.99! These are the same sticks stores sell for $7 to $10 each. You'll rejoice to their mild to medium-bodied taste full of earthy notes with mild spices, licorice and chocolate.

Samplers are a great way to determine the size and taste you like. Don Quixote has developed a cult-like following because of its medium to full-bodied taste that's loaded with complex flavors, including an earthy and delicate spiciness, cream, toasted nuts, cedar, cocoa and caramel. A 5 sampler box is a mere $14.99. LA CAROLINA is alone in its ability to provide great flavor, smoothness, and consistency. A 5-pack is just $19.99. Cupido Tuxedo is a super-premium Maduro with a medium to full-bodied taste that includes mild spices, cream, some sweetness and loads of exhilarating flavors. A 4-pack is $19.99. Each OneOff Doble Capa has 2 different wrappers, which produces changes in the flavor and complexity. It starts mild and smooth with coffee, cream, cedar and nutmeg, and then transforms to earthy breezes of cocoa, vanilla and cream. A 6 sampler box is just $19.99.

If you'd rather a full box, 420s Legit Edition Tokes offers smooth, sweet and creamy legit tastes that include coffee, mocha, woods, anisette and chocolate. A box is only $36.99. La Caya Fuerte Gordo is a robust, medium-to-full body 60 ring big boy. It's powerful with a leathery core, a peppery blast and a nice earthy finish. A box is just $49.99.

Entubar CRV (Connecticut River Valley) Macho is a super-premium with a medium to full flavor that's rich, bold and complex, yet very smooth and creamy. A box is only $79.99. Cuban Crafters loves you and all of us here send you a big hug and kiss for Valentine's Day! Prices are good through Tuesday, February 3rd.

Cuban Crafters does not sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 19.