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3-Day Surprise Cigar Email Sale

Here's a big surprise! Premium handmade Maduro Robustos are less than $1. In addition, this email brings you 7 more startling deals. But hurry, they're only available for the next 3 days.

The Maduro Robustos are mild to medium-bodied with a smooth, slightly sweet taste that has notes of almonds, cedar, licorice and coffee. 20 are just $19.99. If you prefer mild, a box of 25 Arte Cubano Churchill is only $39.99. Their taste has cedar, oak, orange peels, nutmeg and ginger. If you enjoy strong, the Tony Alvarez Maduro Churchill offers a medium to full body creamy taste with well-balanced notes of cocoa, woods, sweet nuts and chocolate. 25 are a mere $39.99.

La Caya premiums come in different strengths and wrappers, and each is individually wrapped in cedar so they continue aging in the box. The Cameroon Robusto is medium to full-bodied with a harmonious spicy sweetness and notes of tea, clove, cedar, pine and leathery coffee. A box is only $39.99. The fat 60 ring gauge Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapped Fuerte Gordo has a robust full body taste with a leathery core, a peppery blast and a nice earthy finish. The Brazilian Maduro wrapped Brasil Toro has a smooth and creamy medium-bodied taste with waves of bittersweet chocolate, woods and coffee. Both the Fuerte and Brasil are $49.99 a box.

Oneoff Doble Capa Churchill is like 2 in 1. It's handmade with 2 different wrappers so you start with mild smooth tastes of coffee, cream, cedar and nutmeg. It then transforms to medium-bodied with earthy breezes of cocoa, vanilla and cream. A box is only $49.99. Berger and Argenti Entubar Toro is in a class by itself and sold-out everywhere. It's a full-bodied super-premium with a taste that's creamy, toasty, earthy and nutty with some sweet spice mixed in. A box is $119.99, over 50% off. Prices are good through Friday, November 21st SALE EXTENDED UNTIL SUNDAY NIGHT, NOVEMBER 23, 2014.

Cuban Crafters does not sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 19.